Thrive Landing Pages Review

By Trip / September 16, 2014

Thrive Landing Pages is the latest plugin from WordPress developer, Shane Melaugh, of

What's so great about Thrive Landing Pages? Read on to find out.​

I've been a follower of Shane's excellent plugins and themes for a couple of years now and have been continually impressed with his dedication to quality and the absolutely killer features his products contain.​

Thrive Landing Pages tak​es a completely visual and intuitive process to creating a fully-featured and customized landing page. You create a blank page and click the "Edit with Thrive Content Builder" button.​

From here, you're taken to the actual page of your website where you can drag and drop elements and they'll actually appear exactly as they will on the live page!​

That's where this plugin shines...It removes all the time-consuming parts about making a landing page and gets out of the way, allow you to take action and make your next big idea a reality.​

You might have the greatest idea for a landing page in the world, but your conversion rate will be a big fat zero if you never take action. ​That's why, even though I have a degree in Computer Science and know HTML and CSS like the back of my hand, I'll never go back to hand-coding landing pages again. This plugin has spoiled me and I'm able to try out so many new ideas and variations than before just due to how quickly I can convert my idea into a ready-to-go landing page using this plugin.​

If you're an aspiring marketer or have any use at all for landing pages, do yourself a favor and give Thrive Landing Pages a shot.​ There's no other plugin in 2014 that has better influenced my bottom line.​

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